Below is the Heel Clinics experience from over 15 years of treating plantar fasciitis. These treatments are all currently used and our Clinic database indicates this is treating pain and symptoms and in many cases prolonging pain.

Anti-inflammatories Treats pain symptoms and may help in the early stages (1-6 weeks).

Cortisone Treats pain and inflammation with a powerful steroidal injection this cannot repair fibrous tissue. Current data disputes the benefits in weight bearing ailments.

Stretching Calf muscle stretches can help, but pulling and stretching the plantar fascia and step stretches can aggravate the tear.

Heat This is Fascia, not a muscle or tendon. May increase inflammation.

Ice Helps attack inflammation but rolling feet over cans/bottles of ice will aggravate the torn tissue

Massage Being fibre, massage (golf/tennis balls etc) can irritate this non elastic tissue.

Arch support orthotics Having prescribed arch supports for Plantar Fasciitis over 15 years the Heel Clinic conclusively proved there is the potential to over stretch the fibres preventing repair and in some cases create greater pain.

Acupuncture There is no scientific evidence of benefit for the fascia, but may help pain.

Shock Wave therapy May help to break down thickened scar tissue, but does not resolve the prime cause being weight bearing load. Originally prescribed to break down kidney stones. Potential to irritate healthy tissue.

Surgery The Fascia is one of the main foot stabilisers of the arch during forward gait. Cutting the PF may lead to foot drop and a weight overload to the lateral side of the foot causing pain in later life.

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